summit 700 backflip

Jim Rippey, a pro Burton snowboarder, sucessfully landed a backflip on a stock Ski Doo Summit 700, extended track!! approx weight..700# :):D


there are a few pics at

<font color="navy">Holy smokes! You won't catch me doing anything that crazy this winter! I think I'll try to keep my skis and track a little closer to the trail. Totally nuts.


That's no Problem, I can do that on my 426 and I don't see why I couldn't do it on a 700# snowmobile( Then I Wake Up!!!LOL ) I'll try it tonight when i go to sleep, I'll let you know if I pull it off....... That's pretty awesome.....

Yep, only in my dreams. That link had some awesome pics of a sled going over a nasty ledge.

When I heard about the backflip on a sled I had to see it! Plus, I'm a huge fan of Jim Rippey as a snowboarder, so it made it all the better. Now, I'm not going to take anything away from the flip, it is incredible, but it is not nearly as impressive as the Carey Hart flip. 1st of all, because of the forgivness of snow, Jim was able to try it 5 or 6 times before landing it. Any one of those get offs on a dirtbike would have you in the hospital for days. Secondly, his starting point was well below the actual landing, so he did not go nearly as high in the air. Lastly, his landing was endless, it was the natural slope of the mountain, so it did not matter where he landed, As opposed to Carey Hart, who had to calculate very carfully when is landing was going to be. I checked on the weight of the sled, about 430 lbs. Insane- Yes! I loved it. Comparable to the Hart flip- net even close. The risk of hart's backflip was 10 fold. Just my opinion, but certainly worth watching.

You're saying that someone did a back flip on an MX bike? Do you have a link to pics or a video?

Check out motoman393's website for the vidoe of Carey Hart (nice website 393!)

Something to think about: I don't mean to sound negative and dont mean to take anything away from Carey Hart, but was I the only one in the world to notice that Hart crashed upon impact? If he crashed, did he really complete the jump? Granted, he was closer than Pastrana, but they both crashed it and Pastrana aint gettin no credit for one.

He came off the bike when he landed. There has been SOOOO much talk about did he land it or didn't he.

1) Carey Hart was the first person to do a backflip in competition.

2) He did not ride out the landing.

3) He tried it again this year to put all doubts to rest.

4) He crashed...Bad!

It was the most incredible thing that I have seen in FMX though!!!!

I saw the video on motoman's site. Fearful! Did he walk away from that?

NOPE. almost, but no. first attempt- broken back, second attempt- i think he broke his ankle. ( maybe leg, i could be wrong) I have to say HE HAS BIG BALLS OF STEEL :)

Broken back on the first attempt and he tried it again? Damn.. I take it that the video was the first attempt then?

He must have a big set.. big enough to take all of the blood which would otherwise go to his brain! :)

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