2004 yz450f oil pick up screen help!

Hey guys first post here lol. But I need help locating and instructions on how to remove and get the oil pick up screen i have no clue where it's located I know it's clogged and needs a cleaning any help. Can't seem to find any help on google

I'm guessing this because oil isn't showing on my dipstick after I ran it after a oil change

OK, could be, but a more likely cause is a sheared drive pin in the scavenge pump assembly. It sounds like you already know that there are two separate oil pumps in the YZF. They both run on the same shaft side-by-side, but they run in separated oil circuits. The scavenging, or return pump, runs in a pocket in the crankcase behind the crank, and the feed pump bolts down over it. The internal rotor for the return pump is keyed to the oil pump shaft by a small pin, #3 in the image here:


I've seen a couple of these sheared, and heard of several more. But first, unbolt the return oil line from the left (flywheel) side of the engine and turn it over. Unless you forgot to put oil in the crankcase, a YZ450 in normal condition should pump a fairly significant amount of oil out at this point just by kicking the bike over. If it starts, I'd expect a 2 foot stream, easy.

Then, if it fails that test, and you want to make one more check before tearing into the oil pump, you can pull the flywheel cover. There's a port for oil return behind the flywheel that's big enough to allow a limited examination of the sump screen, which, to finally answer your original question, is between the two crankcases.

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