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HEY! guys can any of you find a thread on when to replace fork seals? :banghead: ive been searching and have no luck. Ive gone on the instant message bored, searched through the suspension archives and done a few forum searches i read about oil dripping?

when should i replace them? :confused:mine leak a little but i want to go ride, how do i know its safe? I only ask because i was just laid off :censored: and dont have the money right now to do my forks as i rather wait to put new springs and seals when i have the money (im only 135 on stock 185pound suspension) ive also ridden a wr until the forks completely dried up and locked out bending the forks, at little naches in washington state two years ago. I dont want this to happen.

so again is there a thread created already ? & or When and how do i know i shouldnt ride on my forks ?Thanks guys, your always a big help around here and its been a while since ive got on...what a shame :naughty:

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I used these videos on mo 06, they were great!

Thnks but this shows how to pull the fork apart and do the work, how do i know if i can get another ride out of my seals if they leak?

If your not going to replace them then make sure you at least put fork oil in them. Leaky fork seals are not good but forks that stop leaking oil before you replace the seals is even worse. Have you tried using a seal saver, or thin piece of plastic, to clean the seals?

no i havent tried that, should i pull the dust seal then run something like a feeler gauge? , i would like to replace them but money for the seals , oil, and springs isnt present t the moment.

thanks man.

... should i pull the dust seal then run something like a feeler gauge?

thanks man.

Tear a business card in half lengthwise and run it under the seal with the torn edge leading. The exposed fibers of the tear will gather and pull out more dirt than plastic or metal, and there's less risk of doing damage.

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