Noisy motor in '99 400

I'm looking to purchase a used 99 400 YZ. The motor seems very noisy to me. The owner states it's normal. He also owns two 426YZ's. Is this correct? He just replaced the cylinder, cams. piston, timing chain.

Asking price is $2900. Is it worth purchasing?

Does any others rattle too?

Hiyu mate !

I have a 2000 WR & it rattles like somthing not right , but the lads on the site tell me most do . :)

I've been told to check the timing chain at the top end, they can strech then rattle like mad.saying that mine still goes & pulls like a train, best-a-luck :D

My 99 always made noise,scary at first but you get used to it.

Put an aftermarket exhaust on it and you won't even hear it anymore.

Just kidding. It would be good to bring somebody along who knows what it should sound like.


Don't know about the 400's, never heard one run close up but my brand new 450 rattles like a can of marbles IMO. I spent a zillion dollars on a Husaberg FE600 because it sounded like it was coming apart. Still sounded that way after the overhaul. :) Apparently the new 4-strokes are all noisy. My last big thumper was an XT 500, silky smooth. Kinda hard to get used to all the engine noise now. Oh well, guess I'll shut up and ride.

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