How to bleed the shock of a 2010 YZ450F

Hi guys!!!! Today I'm work on a Shock of a 2010 Yz 450f and I noticed a sound like an an air leaking when I pull in the stroke, then when the stroke returns it sound like rubbing against something, so I dissasembly the shock like 3 times and bleed again, what do you think guys it happens ??????

It could just be air in the shock, what bleed procedure are you using ? DaveJ's procedure is apparently the one to use

Dave Johnson's method:

Originally written for the more familiar shock that has the reservoir parallel to the body, but works on the new ones, too. It's not unusual for a shock to make "some" noise.

When I completed the revalue and fluid change on my shock (used Smart Performance parts and fluid). To make sure all air was out I tilted the shock a bit. It is tempting to use to much stroke on the shock when bleeding, which will build up pressure and give you a bath in the fluid.

Sorry - I forgot to add, this is not a fast procedure just take your time and have plenty of shock fluid

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