A perfect day on Bull Shoals lake

100_2493.JPG Edited by utahtripper


The only part of Bull Shoals I've ever seen is right at the bottom of Table Rock Dam. HOLY CRAP!!! Even in the middle of August, with the outside temp at 100+ degrees, that water coming out of the bottom that dam is unbelievably COLD!!!! BRRRR...

We've been up by taney como damn and yes it is cold there. Down further on lake, it is really nice, warm, and beautifully clear. We have fell in love with Bull Shoals Lake. It is huge and nice and quiet. You don't have the crowds there. I can cruise the lake all day on our honda aquatrax. I tried to download videos but they have too many megabytes, so I just posted this photo to show the slick water on the lake.

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