2010 yz450 20mm offset clamps

Anybody try 20 mm offset triple clamps? Any luck with them? If so what brand? I like tinkering with my bike but not for 500$.

One of the things less offset does is put more weight on the front in addition to changing the trail. from what I here the newer bikes seem to like the weight adjustment, a less costly way is the kit that moves the engine I think that is less then 100 .

The change to the trail dimension is far more significant than the weight shift with a 2mm reduction in offset. Because of the geometry involved, the 2mm change in offset only translates to about 1.75mm less wheelbase out of a total of 1495mm. I doubt you can weigh the difference in weight distribution that would occur on a scale.

Steering behavior, OTOH, is going to be quite noticeably different. Better?

thanks, this all kinda what i figured. still curious to know if anybody tried them.

july 2011 edition of MXA they test Rynos YZ and he had the Ride Engineering 20mm. might be worth reading, but overall MXA seems to think they are not worth it.

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