Handle Bars.

What's the recommended handle bar upgrade for the XR650? I just sold my 600 that had some Renthals on it. These bars didn't require any risers etc. and were perfectly adequate for me. They were clearly better then the stock so I thought about upgrading my new bike.

I'm about 6'1' and do moderate trail riding and desert riding. Nothing fast or fancy.

Any recommendation?

Im 5'10" 170 lbs and the pig felt cramped to me so I bought moose risers and renthal fat bars with the 04 ktm bend super if you spend a lot of time standing up!

Sounds like a solution for me too !

I am 6.5 / 250 and dislike the low handlebar position standing up.

Is this the solution you have on your XR:

Moose Partno: M918-005, price roughly $ 44.95

and the Renthal part no: 608-01 (KTM MX/Enduro 2004) ?

Is it correct hat you did not need to change the original cables, except maybe for routing ?

Thanks for your info :)

I am 6'4 and ride mostly standing up, the Renthal Button Bend work great for me.

They fit in the stock clamps, and have a nice tall rise. At first I had them rolled too far foward and on long rides my wrists would start to ache. After I rolled them back to where the rise is vertical (with the bike on its wheels) they felt like my hands were a bit back from where I wanted them, but I quickly got used to it and my wrists have never hurt from riding agian (just falling). For a stock bar replacement, if you are tall, I give the Renthal Button bend a :).


did you need to change any cabling or anything else ?

If not , sounds like this is the way to go !


I'll second the Button Renthals :) No cable re- routing on my 600.

The only "recabling" that I had to do was to pull the tank and route the cables so they run above the tank mount bolt, and I spun my throttle assembly a little bit. I did put a coule of extra zip-ties to keep the cables in place. Just make sure that the cables have some slack at both left and right extremes.

I have ridden this setup 2 yrs and over 2K miles with zero problems. :)

Renthal Jimmy Button bend bars ordered.

TX for your input. :)

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