2001 YZ426F For Sale

Only 15 hours riding time, spare plastic, filters, etc., very good condition, asking $4,795. E-mail wrfee@bellsouth.net for pictures or call 678-393-8159 for more info. Bike located in GA.





Price reduction $4,695

Will assist with shipping.





Whats with all the entries ?

Want to make it loo like you have a bid war

Just trying to keep it at the top. My wife is complaining about 2 motorcycles in the garage, so I REALLY need to sell the YZ.

may be eisier to sell the wife :)

HA! is she a 4stroke or a 2stroke??? :)

She puts up with a lot so I'll keep her and sell the YZ.

maintanence on the yz is easier.

What other bike could you possibly have in the garage to make you desire to be rid of the 426?

At least I helped by sending your thread back to the top.....no charge!


My Bike Puts up with alot from my wife I keep em both, They ride just as good

:) Just helping keep capitalizm alive, any takers yet

[ March 24, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Just wondering if you have been runnin' synthetic in her or some sort of blended oil??

Also wondering how the "handle"bars are. Are they still stiff and firm or are they saggin from hard riding?...............sorry fakey.....just HAD to pipe in!!! :)

I've got a CRF450 (don't hate me). She runs on synthetic and has great handlebars.

You will never sell that tank,unless you find some 300lb 40 year old?

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