Gimme some good news please!

Pulled my 99 400f out of the shed and after kicking the crap out of it got it running. Let it warm up real good, rode around the block and noticed a little oil dripping out of the breather which is normal for my bike, except it was milky. Fml. I pulled the dip stick and the oil looked good there, and the coolant was a little low. What are the odds that something froze in it this winter? It got really cold here this year. I'm tied of spending money on this thing.

no problem. if the cylinder or head was internally cracked you would know it quickly,

its not uncommon for moisture to build up in the breather hose / valve cover

Moister is very coomon in the breathers

Holy crap - lets hope so! thanks for the replies guys! Ima go for a little ride monday if the weather's decent, so i'll report back after!

Gray - anything to add? i hope? also - noob question - what kind of coolant do i use in this thing? and if its just regular automotive green stuff, is it mixed 50/50 like a car?

Get some "Sierra" polyglycol coolant and mix it 50/50, same thing as "Engine Ice"

ok thanks - where do i find said sierra coolant? isnt polyglycol the same stuff as in most cars?

Any auto parts store, it is the "pet/environment friendly" stuff.

Sorry, technically it is "propylene glycol" or "PG"

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