Trading in my 650r

I will be trading in my 2001 650r this xmas and don't want to leave the aftermarket parts on for the dealer. I have the uncorking items, 13 tooth conter sprocket, xr's only case saver for the 13t sprocket, and a quicksilver carb. Email me if anyone is interested in these parts @

Has the dealer given you a price on your 650? I recently wanted to do the same and they would only offer around 2600.


How much for the quicksilver carb?

So wucha trading it in for???? :)

All items were sold. I'm trading for a crf450.

You'll be back...I did the same, on my first BRP (traded it for a CRF), and ended up getting another (BRP). The CRF is great, but the desert called for the Pig...

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