Picked up YZ250F, bets on drag WR426F vs. YZ20F

Hey guys,

check out my sig.. I just upgraded my son to a YZ250F. He is 14 yrs. old, about 135 lbs., 5'10". I am 6'1", 245 lbs. This weekend we take the bikes to Ocotillo (desert riding, no dunes). I am sure we will try a drag race in the sand. Who do you think will win? I rode that YZ250F in the street when I was test driving it from the buyer. It is much faster than I thought. The weight difference may make the difference. My 426 is pretty fast though.

I will let you guys know what happens next week!! Any expert opinions? :)

Work, You should be working..... :)

The WR will smoke it even with the weight factor... I'de much rather have the 250f for mx but for draggin, the WR should have no problem pull'n it....

I weigh 230 and my son weighs 165 and rides a fast YZ250. Our experience is it is a dead heat till about 30 mph and then the WR starts to pull ahead. Tim

With me on the YZ250F I would SMOKE you. The WR gearbox is terrible for drag racing. You will eventually pull him, but not until he is in 4th gear. IF he knows how to drag race. My KTM 453 kills the WR426 in a Drag race. Why? - The gearbox. I don't know that the KTM will beat a YZ426 though.

Well, My WR426 revved out a little more than my WR450, It was pretty fast... I've dragged all of my friends many,many times over on the street and on fireroads.. Both the 426/450 smoke all the KTMs (rfs)and XR650 (powerups),over and over again.. I have a dozen friends that have seen it time and time again... Like I said, give that WR426 to me (170lbs) I'll smoke that 250 and who's ever on it the whole way... (in a drag race) :) Oh, My brother has a WR250, it's way off too...

i agree the wr's gear box is horrible for drag racing, i dragged against a yz450, yz250f, and i was last but only by a few feet, then i had the stock pipe, head lights, and now i have no lights, and a yz exhaust, i plan to get the yz camshaft so that will beat a yz250f by then, but my friend with the y250f slaughters his bike, the reason he can keep up is the close ratio transmission as opposed to the 450's wider ratios, once i hit 4th gear though i passed them :D:)

My bike is yz timed and well jetted with aftermarket pipe. The yz250F has a WB head pipe and uses the stock YZ pipe with a spark arrestor screen. It is a staight through loud affair. The ex-owner gave us a white bros e-series pipe for it, but, I have not put it on. My son likes the YZ pipe. Anyway, the YZ250f is way louder than my bike and it pulls very strong with this setup.

Also interesting is that the YZ250F has a brand new rear dunlap tire on it. My 426 rear tire is well worn :)

To make the drag fair, we should go 0 to 60 mph on a flat sand road like pole line road. We should not let the top end capability of the 426 dictate the win.

I think you're kind of splitting hairs here.. It all depends what you call a "drag race" 5-feet,10-feet, 1/4mile,1/2mile....

Drag racing is as much the rider (and the proper gearing) as anything. RIDER/Driver mean everything in motor sports. I Wish you and I lived closer.

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