Protapers w/riser

Do you think I can mount CR HI bend Protapers with the risers and still use the stock throttle cable and brake line? Are they going to be to short or is this not an issue?

I just installed the tallest tag bars I could find, and risers on my 650R, and all I had to do was reroute the throttle cable. I noticed the new tag bars were wider too. It sure helps alot for us tall guys. Good luck!!

I think you will find that the cable you have the most problem with is the decompression cable. I put risers on my XR650R with pro tapers and on my XR600R with pro tapers and on both bikes it was the decompression cable that was very close to being too short. Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

I put the CR Hi w/risers on today. The decompression was activated when I turned the bars to the right. Managed to fix that. I haven't ridden the bike but it looks sooooo good.

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