Wanted: 2000 or 2001 Header Pipe

Dear fellow thumpertalk members, I am looking for either a 2000 or 2001 header pipe for my 2000 426. It doesn't really matter which one, but it needs to be in perfect shape, as I already have one that has a large dent in it. I don't need the muffler, I have one that has been polished on a machine to where it shines like a mirror. I would also like the heat shield, and it needs to be perfect as well. If you have the above, and are willing to sell, please contact me. My email is lkey1@WILKES.NET. I thought I had one purchased, but the deal fell through because I was a little slow. Still looking, thanks!


If you just have a dent in your header...why not fix it? I had a huge crease (not a dent...it was much worse than a dent) and it came out in about 25 mins! I also fixed numerous dents in my header also! I made a website for the header repair because it worked so well...here is the link http://mx393.tripod.com/header.html

About the header guard I made a guard for mine, and I personally think it looks better than any aftermarket ones! It cost around $2-3 and aroudn 30 mins of time!

I will take some pics of my header guard and my "creased" header (that I fixed) later tonight! I will post a link to them later today! So you can see how bad my header was creased and how the guard looks! Hope this helps,



Here are the pics I told you about in the previous post! They are pics of my homemade header guard and pics of how bad my header was bent! Let me know if you have any questions! http://mx393.tripod.com/stuff.html


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