Squeky noise... axle bearings?

I noticed today that while I ride very slow or especially as I come to a stop that there is a sqeuky, whining noise from the front of my bike. The noise stops as soon as I stop moving. Does it while the engine is off. I thought it might be the brake pads just touching the rotor, but I squeezed them a little harder and the noise did not stop.

Could it be my front axle bearings? Any other ideas?

Wheel bearings? Did you check for any play?

Check for play, if there is none, spray your seals with a lube, even WD-40. Then give it a spin. I use seals from a bearing shop. They are a lot tighter than the stock ones and tend to make a slight squeak after a day of water crossing and mud.

Ya, i had this kind of problem too, :D not on my bike but on my mtb: after 6 mounths (more or less, i don't remember exactly, it's happen seven years ago), my rear wheel began to squeky noise at very low speed. :) At first i also though that the bearing were gone, :D but after some research i understand that the noise came from seals. :D I sprayed seals whit sylicon lube and noise stopped; after some ride, noise came back. This time i did nothing and after one or two mounths, the noise stopped and never came back. :D


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