friends wants to sell me his 2000 wr400

Hey, the 2000 wr has ceet graphics and seat cover, E series exhaust, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid off.

Thats all I know. He wants 3400 for it. Any reason to avoid the 2000's . I own a XR 400 now and don't experience any jetting/starting woes. I know that the WR is a better overall bike, but you can't beat a bike that runs.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

Your correct..... you can't beat a WR with a Honda :)

Dennis :D

hey Den,

what I meant was, my 400 already and always runs. I am a little afraid of wr's from some of the posts that I have read here. It seems that there are a lot of jetting, starting, clutch concerns with the wr. I don't know if those concerns are being posted by people that are meticulously concerned with how their bike runs, or are truly things to think about whenever someone is considering a wr.

Ya I know. You have to admit, you got to like wrenching on these things. I was a little apprehensive when I was looking at the WR426 this year. I owned a YZ400 last year, the bike sucked on the trails. I owned one Honada in my life and that was a mini-trail 50. Always owned Yamaha's and Harleys. Both bikes you got to work on, but someone told me once on this site that "it's fun wrenching". I'll have to agree.

Dennis :)


I have a '00 WR400 and love it. I think Dens has a point about the need to work on the Yamaha but I think he didn't make another important point. You have to work on all dirtbikes regularly. They live a very tough life.

I think your Honda is nearly bulletproof but so is the WR.

If the bike is low on hours, $3400 isn't a bad price.



Old Guy on WR400F following the KX_kid through the harrowing desert of Idaho at breakneck speed.





TOLL FREE 866-782-4600

OUTSIDE USA 818-782-4600

Thats spelled Honda H-O-N-D-A , not honada

sorry boys!!!!!!!!

Dennis :)

I have a 99 dub r and don't work on it much other than oil changes, etc... Personally I believe that so many people have jetting problems is because they monkey with it too much. Mine is bone stock with an aftermarket pipe and it always starts and runs flawlessly. Much like my last bike (1996 XR 250). The dub-r is an easy bike to live with in my humble opinion.

I have to agree with Bryan as I have had much the same experience with my 2000 WR. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of free time to ride,but whenever I do go I have never had a problem with the bike.The bike is mostly stock,with only a few aftermarket goodies(bars,handguards,tires,ign.guard etc.)and all I really do is basic maintainance common to any dirt bike such as change the oil (Amsoil) every 2-3 rides,clean the air filter after every ride,clean-lube-adj. the chain etc. It's been reliable as a claw hammer so far.Just my 2 cents.

From what I have read, most of the jetting woes and fould plugs etc come after making mods and putting pipes on. My bike is stock except for the basic problems and I can get it started with 1 to 2 kicks a -3f.

Still: coming from 2-strokes like so many others, i first thought i made a big mistake, despite the beauty of my '00 WR.

then, i rejetted from stock 1 time only & learned the starting drill like we all had to do. my bike sometimes sits 2 weeks or so & still starts 1st or 2nd kick. the real test is, would u spend the $$$ again for the same bike? of course! with the basic, easy mods (throttle stop, airbox lid, pipe, rejetting), the bike is amazing & i've never regretted buying the WR; you won't either! bobwombat


I would have to agree with everything stated above. The blue bike is very dependable. I'd recommend a quick jetting change for your altitude, then leave it alone.

Secondly, have you gotten a chance to ride it much? One of our best friends went the 250F route because he didn't want the power on the trails he regularly rides. He doesn't weigh as much as some of the rest of us, so the 250F will fit him better. We also ride with a fellow 400 owner that bought too big a bike. He came off a DR350. Wow - what a difference! He hit a few trees getting used to the power.

Just another point of view...


web sites are a relatively new idea & we get to see our problems. we aren't horses with blinkers unaware of what happens even next door.

the honda probably fails like everything else. the secret is not to have a 'common fault' that people can latch on to.

the honda has less to go wrong being air cooled but it also produces less power due to this & the fact that it is a low spec engine compared to the WR. i'd love someone to tune the honda by ten bhp & watch it fall apart.

i find the most interesting aspect is this thing about jetting. we are all happy with the standard jetting. but the knowledge that people transfer to each other is fantastic.

i bet the same can be said for all new bikes presently being made.

don't mistake improvement for error!


Thanks for your inputs. I did not mean to insinuate that the honda was a better bike, it's just that from my point of view, the lack of horsepower is okay for a bike that seems to be almost care free.

Now, don't take me wrong, I work on bikes just like the rest of you guys. My son races a 125, and like the rest of you guys, I kinda enjoy it. (except when its something that I can't fix).

The wr is looking good, and the price seems to be reasonable.

I think I'll try to talk him down to 3000, I hope that he doesn't read this site.

I have a 00DubR400F and here is my view of tinkering:

Push bike out of Garage

Load bike on trailer

Unload bike off tralier

Cane the arse off it for 6 hours

come home and unload again

wash it

lube it

stand back with a cool beer and admire it.

The only thing that you might have to contend with is the fact that buying second hands means you might not totally know what the previous owner has tinkered with... When you do get this bike (not IF :)) just go over it all like you would a new bike and check it all out.!

happy wheelies

Curt in Oz.

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