2002 426 Pricing

What prices have you guys been getting on the new

YZ426? I was offered $5699. but I see every dealer still has bikes on the floor. I sent an

email to HiPoint in BC but never heard from them.

Would appreciate all input, I live in Calif.

Here is a good site to check bike prices. I printed this and took to a dealer here in SoCal when I bought my 01 426. They didn't mess with me.


Frank I called Wilsons and they have a special

way of pricing the YZ426, it comes out to $7100

OTD retail but they let you have one for the

special price of $6245.00. They take the $5199.

then add $550.00 Freight plus some setup fee so

not a deal just a come on. I am happy you were

able to use them for leverage but I imagine it

is well known by now in Calif. Thanks for the


I get bikes cost plus $200 and I paid $5300 for mine in NC when they first came in.

$5477 in SC. Cost plus $400

I paid 6,100 for my 02 yz426 out the door at Champion Yamaha in Newport, CA. Ask for Dave he will hook you up.

Hi all,

Question, are these prices that are under 5500 before tax. If they are not, I GOT SCREWED. I want to know because I am going to blackball the hell out of the dealer I bought mine from if they are out the door prices. I paid 6310 out the door. I have a friend at a yamaha dealership (not the one I bought it from), who said that was not a bad price, but I am not so sure now. I did research before I bought it (wasnt on this website yet though :) . Oh well.



I got my 2001 YZ426F last Saturday from a newer dealership just west of Chattanooga Tennessee.

He is a good freind and had only one left from the 2001 line.

I got the bike at cost 5,100 plus tax.

Plus I picked up my little girl a TT-R125 for Chirstmas Ho! Ho! Ho!

before taxes, shipping, etc. i payed $5,300 for the 2002

I bought my in Kansas for $5600 out the door.

wow, candlkirk, sounds like you got a great deal.. from the other posts it seems like mine wasnt too bad if they were before taxes and freight.

-- charles

I bought one on ebay rode once at perris for 4,600 Im stoked by far the best bike I have ever owned

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