426 engine rebuild

I'm new here,I have a 02 yz426f that broke a valve at speed and trashed the head and cylinder. I've been trying to find a good used head but have had no luck, and a new top end will cost more than I paid for the bike. I've found complete running bikes for what I can buy the oem parts for, does any one have any idea where I might find a good used head for this thing?. I was also looking into putting a 450 power plant in the 426 chassis, is this possiable? Also someone told me I can put a 450 top end on my existing 426 bottom. Any info would be greatly appreciated, I really like the bike and would live to get it running again.

Thanks Dave

Your better off keeping the 426 engine in there. 450 parts don't bolt on a 426 engine. I sent you a pm about a mint rebuilt engine from my bike im parting out. I went back to 250 2 strokes.


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