Tusk Enduro Lighting Kit on WR450F...Please HELP

hey guys, i recently bought an 06 wr450f with an tusk lighting kit. my headlight is not working. i have no power to headlight, no power to the control switch for the headlight but have power for everything else and is all working fine. im looking for a wiring diagram for this kit because the diagram that tusk gives you is really a piece of garbage. i just dont want to rip the bike apart to trace out all the wiring so if anyone has an idea about whats going on or a diagram that would be great. thanks!

The headlight on your bike runs off AC power. The oly way your going to see power to it is when the bike is running.

Take the factory lead for your headlight and run it through the switch in your Tusk kit.

So the factory wire goes to your tusk handle bar switch, then from your switch to your headlight.

On a stock bike it has to be done this way. Once you upgrade your stator/float your ground you could then run it off the DC side.

Ok cool, so I'm assuming you also can't utilize the high beam low beam switch? You'll only be able to run it through on side? Also it looks like someone put a piece of solder across the terminals for the original headlight.... Why would anyone do that?

You can have a high/low.

Your bulb has 3 wires. A high beam, low beam, and ground.

They prob put that solder as a jumper across low and high beam to get more light.

I think the original headlight is a 2 wire plug but im not sure. The plug is disconnected and the supply or line side plug has 2 terminals and there is a piece of solder across them. So with only two terminals you can you have high/low? Is that the original lighting plug ? Or something else? I will get a manual and try to figure out the stock wiring also.

I don't really remember what the factory connector looks like but your H4 bulb is defiantly Hi/Lo.

I went to autozone and got a new H4 right angle socket (5.99) when I did my install to keep things nice and neat.

ok catchie i did a little more research so i could be more helpful. to start i was looking at the service manual wiring diagram (which is pretty difficult to follow) and it seems to me to show the original headlight being a 2 wire black and yellow and the tail light is 3 wire. i took the headlight/number plate off and found a bundle of wires cut and taped off. they are a black/green dots, yellow/green dots, and blue/ greens dots. i started the bike and measured 12vac between yellow and black and 6vac between yellow and blue. could this be the original taillight or the original headlight? the tusk is installed as i said before and the tail light is definitely running off 12vdc. im just not sure whats right or wrong here as far as wiring.....btw i hate taking over someones crappy wiring job.

also that other plug i was talking about is a 2 pin molex plug that looks to be OEM with a blue/yellow stripe and a black wire. this plug is mounted underneath the speedo. it is not plugged into anything, the pins are exposed and they have a piece of solder across them..... does anyone have any clue why this is like this?

thanks for the help

So I believe what I'm may be seeing is that bundle of wires that were taped off may be black and yellow for headlight and blue for taillight? So can I reuse the black and yellow, run it through my hand control switch and have my headlight back? Or should I tap into a 12vdc Line and run a ground and power headlight from the battery instead? Some people had said the battery and charging system can't run all that plus the headlight? Anyone done this?

omg. read the manual!! it was incredibly simple when I put my tusk on. the stock headlight DOES have 3 wires. The tusk switch has a headlight main, which is the incoming main power (which you should connect to the stock AC wire for th eheadlight), then the hi lo wires that go to the light, if I remember right.

float your ground on your stator and upgrade your rectifier before you hook your headlight up to 12V.

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as i said in my previous posts i have inherited this wiring mess from someone else and this wiring is im sure is easy starting from scratch. im trying to understand this particular system as well as the bike electrical system. the tusk kit is obviously all ran off DC and has an on/off switch for the lighting. this on/off switch breaks the DC ground to shut off all the lighting.

i want to know if its ok to add a hot lead from the 12V source to the control switch, connect the hi/lo wires to the bulb and ground the headlight using the switched ground used in the tusk kit? To me, this will then power the headlight when the rest of the lighting is on and off when its all off. Ive actually tried it already temporaily and it worked fine, but i was unsure if anyone else has done it this way? would i need to upgrade the fuse given with the tusk kit, seeing how that lighting kit is fused.

what would be the purpose of floating a ground the AC magneto to hook up to the 12v circuit? why wouldnt you just utilize the 12v DC circuit thats existing?

why wouldnt you just utilize the 12v DC circuit thats existing?

Because some people like to needlessly complicate things and jump to solutions for problems that are not there. :)

What you outlined will work provided you fuse correctly and the wires are large enough to handle the total current (I think they should be). What I did on my 04, which is the same electrical system as yours, was run a lead from the existing headlight, to the switch input, wired the output to a new socket available at an auto parts stare very cheap. This way the headlight works whether the rest of the system does or not.

Do you have a multimeter? Manual? Using both you should be able to figure out what the PO did as these are fairly simple bikes.


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Yea tell me about it mike. Thanks for the response. I was really just concerned about the fuse size on the dc side because I was going to power the headlight through the fused tusk wiring harness. I wasn't sure if that circuit or the charging system could handle the load of the headlight that's why I wondering about using the original wiring from the magneto. I do have a PDF copy of the manual and looking over the wiring diagram it shows only a 2 wire plug for the headlight. I did find these wires and they were cut and taped but when I measured them with the fluke I had the 12vac there.

I also found this other plug that I have not been able to identify yet even with the wiring diagram. I mean its on it but doesn't say what it is. It's a 2 wire plug mounted on the front of the triple tree with the other 6 or 8 plugs up there, that isn't plugged into anything but has a piece of solder across the pins. Any idea why anyone would do that?

Sound's like it was for your starting circuit. This is just a way to bypass a clutch switch so that may be what you are seeing.

If the lights run on DC you will not be able to use the magneto wires as these are all AC until it goes through the resistor/regulator.

Cool thanks that makes sense. I wired my headlight into the tusk wiring harness and control switch so it is fused and it will shut on and off with the rest of the lighting system.

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