Mods and tips

Hi just bought a yz400f 98 model was just wanting to know any general tips about bike and also modding in general cheers 1362329415430.jpg

Put a chain on it use it for a boat anchor, it's that bad.

Put a chain on it use it for a boat anchor, it's that bad.

If you don't feel like contributing something helpful....

I know a guy that has one, likes to bring it out when he doesn't like some smart ass and smokes them on it.:D lol real real reliable bike. like any bike set the suspension up for you, and freshen everything up, oil, air filter ,fork and shock fluid... looks clean ,good luck and enjoy

Thanx peeps as for the first comment whats your problem

Fit an rm 250 top clamp poss from a 91 bike then you can fit a nice set of Easton bars without any aftermarket risers nice bike fella I've got one as well 99 model mm super reliable bike well over engineered by yam as they were the first of the four stroke crossers keep up the good work top bike


Tried fitting some 28mm risers with my 35mm bars but they would fit dont know why:wacko:

enjoy it! i've got one, and i've had a blast on it! its had its issues, but what older bike doesnt?

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