magura clutch users, I have a favour to ask

Hey TT ppl, I've got a favour to ask. I need to see what the adapter for the slave cylinder to clutch lever looks like. It's the ball end that's in question that would normally have the cable end attaching to the case side clutch arm. I'm going to have to fabricate one, but I need to see what the magura piece looks like first.

Can someone take a few photo's with the part off the bike and removed from the slave.

Thanks in advance, Zibbit.

This is what I have, just for reference;


I assume you're talking about this part:


Wow thanks everyone

well my version of the piece doesn't look nearly as good as the actual part.. but it'll do for now. Not to bad for 35 mins worth of work with a drill press, vice, and a cutoff wheel on a grinder.. lol



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