I guess cracked tanks on 426s is pretty common.

Today at Elsinore the seam in the rear-most part of my fuel tank came apart. (No, I didn't crash or anything.... it just came apart.) Gas was flowing out at a pretty good rate.

It gets better.... so I called, then stopped by the dealer I purchased it from. Here are some of the points made by this guy:

- Motocrossers have a 30 day warranty. (So what!)

- Yamaha is making the tanks on the newer bikes much thinner to save weight. (I never had a problem with the tank on my 98 400.)

- All fuel should be drained after every ride. He continued that gas in California causes all these problems. Riders in other states have had no problems. (If true, Yamaha should change the design!... and issue a recall. This genius suggested there isn't enough bikes sold in California for it to be worthwhile for Yamaha.)

Anyhow, he's going to "try" to get it warrantied through Yamaha. One thing is for sure, if they don't replace it, I will never buy another Yamaha and I'll badmouth Yamaha to everyone I ever come in contact with. (I don't care if I'm at 7-11 buying beer.... the cashier will know that Yamaha sucks!)

If I don't get my new tank, I'll let you know which dealer and who the genius is.

Copied from my post from another related topic....

"My dad has a 2000 426. He has yet to have any problems, but one night I went to sit on it, as I was putting on graphics for him. It was quiet, as it was like 1 am. When I sat up on the front of the seat, I heard a hissing. I got off, and sat down again, *hssssssss*. It was air coming out of the overflow tube up top. My weight on the seat caused the tank to compress and push the air (or gas if it's full enough) out. Pretty lame in my opinion, when a company as big as yamaha makes their gas tanks SO THIN that they flex. Dad's old 94 YZ250, you could beat the tank with a hammer, it didn't move. MY 95 KX250, same. That tank was THICK. My 520, THICK enough, I think my head would crack before the tank if I dropped them both off of the roof of the house. The 00 (at least) 426, tank is see through (AND IT'S BLUE!!!!) thin.

It's not a design flaw, per-se, as it is an UNDERDESIGN flaw. TO THIN OF A GAS TANK."

There ya go. Saving weight, that is the pinnacle of corporate B.S.. They have skimped on the quality of a machine to save money (less plastic = more tanks makable off same amount as before). And therefore expect you to buy it. WHen you catch them, they claim innocence, and it's YOUR fault. Even if they did save weight, they saved what.....50 grams? 150 grams? Better not get your bike dusty....you've just gained that 150 grams back!

B.S., and they know it. Drain gas after every ride. HA!


We have 3 late model Yamaha's in the garage, my '99 YZF, a '00 R6, and a '01 TTR125L and still Yamaha couldn't care less about keeping us as customers and would not warranty my tank. It pissed me off so much that I bought a new CRF instead of a 426 (and I'm glad I did!) and I'm not going to get a R1 streetbike now, I'm going to get a Honda 954 instead. Heck, my CRF is so incredible that I'll probably get rid of the TTR125L and get the CRF150 next year. I just don't understand how Yamaha isn't stepping up to the plate with this tank ordeal, it's a known defect and they are alienating a lot of their (now ex) loyal customers.

Who is it that has the contact info for any high up at Yamaha? It would be great if that person could give them a call/fax/email pointing out the threads about cracked tanks on this message forum. If someone will post the information here then I will be glad to do it. Surely they know how many people are having this problem (I haven't YET but I'm starting to get worried), maybe they're thinking that the public isn't aware? I'm thinking that maybe if we make them aware that the public is aware of how they're handling this that maybe they will change their tune. Thoughts?

Frank; your description of the tank coming apart sounds a little different than mine. However, I wouldn't waste too much time with the dealer, I would call Yamaha Customer Service direct. My claim was processed through my dealer, but in the end it wasn't my dealer who made it happen, it was me and Yamaha.

Good Luck!

'00 426's are known for tank cracks due to the rider sliding up the seat/tank juncture during cornering. Your dealer should be able to get Yamaha to warantee the tank for you. It's a big hassle but it IS possible. Look for a recent post concerning this problem. It pays to be persistent and polite with your dealer.Insist that your dealer contact the Yamaha district Rep on your behalf.

i have a 98 wr400.. no prob. with the tank... but i am getting a tank from clarke (yz stock replacement size) does anyone know if these have any problems?

ALSO: what is the fuel range with the 2.2 gal. stocker? i get like 80 miles per tank with the 3.3 gal wr tank, but it is too bulky. will i need to refuel in a two-hour harescramble? i know i had to when i rode a two-smoke.


Got my new tank today. Yamaha provided it as a "good-will gesture".... not a warranty-replacement. Guess that means when it cracks along the seam again, I'm on my own.

Hey Frank,

You got your tank and that's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Obviously there are problems with these tanks, and when it fails again you might want to think about an aftermarket tank. That is, unless you got one built on a Wednesday...

Wow, a real Yamaha Customer Service success story. Now, are you going to praise Yamaha everywhere you go, to whomever you meet? Turn about is fair play.

You're right, I should be happy that I got a free tank. But I'm not. Because I know there is a good chance I will be paying for another down the road through no fault of my own.

I would be happy if Yamaha would admit that there is a design, material and/or manufacturing flaw in their tank. This happened to many people in addition to me.... check this board and others. In my case I discovered it in between rides at a local motocross track. Fuel was dripping on the hot pipe! I'd be really pissed if my bike would have ignited.

The dealer's original claim was that California gas is the problem. "The ethanol dries out the tank." When I went there today to pick up the new tank I told him that many people outside of California are having the problem too. He then said it's any state that includes ethenol in their gas. That may be true but don't you think if California and other states are adding ethanol to their gas, other states will follow? Either way, isn't the motocross following in California large enough to merit a fix and a recall? If you live in California, think about the number of 400s & 426s you see at the track when you go riding. I would venture to say that the percentage is greater than any other make/model.

To reiterate, I didn't crash, I was simply riding my bike on a motocross track. Maybe I slide forward on the seat while cornering, shouldn't the tank survive that? Maybe I leave fuel in the tank when I'm not riding, isn't it a fuel tank? And, if the fuel is the problem, isn't the fuel in the tank while I'm riding going to eventually dry out the plastic too (even if I do drain it when not riding as recommended)?

To answer your question.... No, I will not praise Yamaha until I see that recall notice.

There may be a way to prevent the flexing that causes the crack. I attached rubber blocks between the back of my gas tank and the subframe mounts. This keeps the tank from flexing in the middle when your weight is put on it. The factory setup has no support on the back of the tank. It's worked so far for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I've had two tanks crack prior to this. Yamaha replaced the first one after tons of grief but said absolutely no to the second. I told them I was pissed and my purchase of an FZ1 was in jeopardy. The rep said if I bought a new bike, then he'd comp me a tank. That just pissed me off, so I didn't buy the new bike (and I was going to!).

I had a plastics guy 'weld' my cracks....... so to speak :)

The only way Yamaha is going to recall any part is if the cost of litigation is greater than the cost of sending everyone new gas tanks. I read this board (and others) everyday, and have done so for months, and this problem seems to be a flaw in some tanks, but not everyone has the problem. However, Yamaha should replace the tanks with either tanks from 99 YZ400s that don't suffer from this or new/improved ones on a case by case basis. This would keep everyone happy, and make their questionable customer service star shine a bit brighter.

I always keep a fire extinguisher in my truck (which probably would do me zero good) in case my 250f ever decides to become a big blue fireball. I also have full coverage insurance on my 250F and the XR200 from Progressive that runs a whole $350 a year. This will at least pay for the current value of the bike.

Something to think about...

What gives with Yamaha! Some bikes have repeated problems with the cb key, others have cracked tanks, yet some have little or no problems whatsoever! I had to threaten litigation when Yamaha admitted a problem with the early 00 clutch basket. I got the basket, but I won't do business with Yamaha again. I hate to play hardball, but when it's necessary to fight, there are no gentleman's rules. I still don't fully trust the machine for any serious distance from the truck. Bummer that my worn out old 88cr5 instilled more confidence that I'd return from a long ride.


Not to change the subject here, but when Kaswaki was having cracked tanks on their KLX300 and KDX220, they admitted there was a design/material flaw and they replaced the tanks under warrenty, no questions asked.

It makes me wonder why you don't hear about these problems on other bikes like Honda, Suzuki, or KTm's?

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