JD Jetting Kit and Exhaust

I was asking my Yamaha service rep about jetting my 450 with the JD kit and he first asked what that was?!?! Yikes! Anyway, He then said that if you are considering jetting your bike you should also change the exhaust as well. Does anyone know if both should be done at the same time? Or can I get away with just jetting it for a while? :)

Just jet it, and you can buy jets at most bike shops, even aftermarket, LOTS cheaper than a jet kit.....I spent ~$10 to get mine jetted right! :D

And don't forget the EZ adjust fuel screw:Kouba, Zip Ty or several others. I have the Zip Ty, but the kouba might be a better choice, it's brass...the ZT is anodized Al and there are reports of the tip breaking off if you seat it too hard.....not a good thing :)

whereas you could just rejet it with jets at your local Yamaha store I would definitly recommend the James Dean kit, The jets in the kit are designed better and your performence will be a lot better than stock needles. I know I went the rout of rejetting with yamaha needles and then switched to the JD kit and am very glad I did so. Also you dont need to change out your exhaust but I would recommend at least going to a more open insert in the baffle over the stock one.

Just rejet and uncork the stock exhaust. Performance is awesome! :)

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