Found small (bearing) ball when changing oil

Hello first off just wanted to say this is the first time I have ever posted on this site but have referenced different topics countless times and there definitely seems to be some very knowledgeable people on this site and that is why I decided to ask this question on this forum.

Tonight I was dropping the oil on my 2006 yz450f and found a small metal ball most likely out of a ball bearing somewhere, I was just curious whether anyone has had this happen or knows what bearing this ball may have come from. Bike seems to still run fine and go through gears fine with no noise or vibration. Probably going to tear into it tomorrow but was hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction. Any help would be wonderful!! Thanks

drain plu.jpg

there is a bearing on the shifter wheel inside,think its called the indent lever but not sure,thats more than likely where it came from.Think it was common on these yz's and if you buy a new one get an updated one.

Etuke, Thank you very much for information. Started looking it up an is sounds like its called the detent arm and sounds like I am not the first one to have one go bad. Was curious so I went and pulled the clutch cover, clutch, and basket quick and was able to locate it. It will require more disassembly to get to it but I can see that the bearing is no longer there and just the outer race is hanging on the arm. Shouldnt be too bad of a fix it looks like, going to try to flush oil line and passages to try to discard material from other balls, etc. Hope it will be alright. Anyways, thanks alot your advice is much appreciated.

I just went through this myself, also finding some ot those bearing balls in the oil. I ended up doing a complete tear down and rebuild because I couldn't find all the balls, and because I wanted to know if my transmission teeth were damaged. I did find a little bit of damage on one of the gears (drive gear of 1st gear set). See my post here for a picture of my gear tooth damage:

I decided that the damage was only minor and rebuilt the engine after replaceing bearings (from normal wear, not related to the loose bearing balls). I also ordered the 07' indent lever to replace the 06' part since the 07' part uses a plain bearing instead of a ball bearing.

magnetic drain plug in my opinion is a must.

I have been looking for a magnetic drain plug, but they seem hard to come by. I want one from a reputable supplier (not home made on ebay) because I don't want any risk of the magnet coming loose from the plug. Where do you recommend buying one?

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