smashed clutch cover hitting clutch pressure plate...


I was out riding some tech trails yesterday, and high sided and laid it down in the rocks on a rocky loose hill climb. Dented in the clutch cover enough to cause it to rub on the clutch pressure plate when I pulled the clutch all the way in. Not to excited about aluminum floating around in my motor and getting into the bearings. Anyway, anyone have advice in what clutch cover to go with...billet or mag? I think mag so it will bend rather than crack.

My second question is more important, what to do to get a good flush of the oil system to clean up the aluminum shavings? I was going to drain and fill 3 times and run the bike 10 mines each time and change the oil filter each time and hope that gets all the remnants out. Any other thoughts based on experience?

Your OEM cover was magnesium. Don't know where you got the idea mag was more ductile than aluminum, but anyway, most aftermarket clutch covers are aluminum, have a little extra clearance, and are thicker/heavier.

The ultimate best way to deal with the shavings is to tear down the engine, but a close second is to pull both crankcase covers and rinse the stuff out of the bottom end from there. Most of it will be in the primary gear chamber, but you can us cotton swabs to reach in to the crankcase area and around the pickup screen (visible from the left side, behind the flywheel).

You didn't list the year, but I see 2011 in your sig. That engine has an internal oil tank. The trouble with your flushing scheme is that it in order to get caught in the oil filter, the metal has to go through both of your oil pumps and into the oil reservoir. Inspect the filter, and if you find an extraordinary amount of metal there, it will be wise to rinse out the reservoir. This is a little tricky on the '10+ models. You'll need a plastic bottle with a "squirt cap" on it, like comes with automotive gear oil. Remove the clutch and take the oil pump off. Force oil through the return passage at the left crankcase cover flange (see "to tank" below) into the reservoir and let it drain through the reservoir and out at the oil pump flange. Then do your multiple oil changes.


Thanks Gray...Looks like I will be busy working away this week. I figured the alum from the pressure plate and mag were both grinding away at each other. I ordered a Boyesen cover. This is more extensive work than I have done in the past...I have done forks and seals, clutches and baskets, but never gone in this deep.

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