2012 YZ450F Damaged Swingarm

Hi i have a 2012 YZ450F and bent my swingarm...I live in Ontario, Canada...does anyone know where i can find a replacement swingarm? The local yamaha dealer wants $600 before taxes

I was seriously considering buying a new bike this year,I was weighing the options of new or a newer used one and I came across your thread.It got me thinking that what happens if I damage a new bike and have to buy a part from the dealer,similar to your situation.This has made my decision up for me and I think I get something where used parts are available,may seem like a foolish decision to some but I wouldn't want to be where you are with a new bike,paying it out and have to spend a nice chunk into it.I know older models have the more likely hood of blowing up but at least there is an used market available.$600 on an older bike will go a long ways in repairs and without a monthly along with it.Sry I can't help you out with your swingarm but you helped me out with my decision.

I have a spare from my 2011 in good shape. Shoot me a PM.

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