Dimensions of motors?

I think this winter I am going to try and find a 650 motor and throw it in a quad frame. I am just not sure if I should go with the R or the L motor? Is there any difference in horsepower with the R or L? If anyone could get the height, width, and length of theirs I would really appreciate it. Do you think I would need to go liquid cooled, or would I be okay with air cooled? I will do a lot of tight trails and lots of open field riding, and I just need some of you guys that really know these motors to give me a little help if at all possible. I have a friend does a lot of crf450 conversions, and he said that if I get the dimensions we can see what we can fit in there. As you can see, I have lots of questions. Hopefully you will have some helpful ideas for me, and I really appreciate any help!!

I have a XR650L that I bought from a friend who was going to drop the motor into a 400EX and it would have bolted right up. I talked him into selling it to me. Hope that will help.

the 650r is liquid cooled, probably a little taller and makes a ton more hp than the 650L, like 15 once uncorked, i think around 55, about twice what that 400 has, the l is an enduro dual sport play bike, the R was built as a racer first and foremost. sounds like a fun conversion, have to let us know how it turns out, JR

went and did some quick measuring on my 650R, 18" bottom of case to top of valvecover, 16" from rear of case to front of waterpump, 12" from outside of clutch cover to outside of ignition cover. hope this helps, JR

Thanks for the measurements, thats exactly what I was looking at. Is 18 inches the total height of everything on the motor? I know a 400ex frame is around 17 inches high, so I imagine I could find a way to squeeze another inch in if thats the total height of everything on the motor. I think that I will have to bend the exhaust a little to make it fit, but I'm hoping that this thing will rip. The biggest thing I'm looking forward to is dependablility of these motors.

trust me, you cant kill a 650R, i ride the bag off mine, like really hard and it hasnt done anything but blow the countershaft seal (2000-2001 only, 8 bucks to fix). I have never had a bike this durable. 18 inches is the extremes, nothing sticks past any of the measurements i gave you.

BTW, i almost did this to my banshee a while ago, it will fit in there. Another measurement that should help you out, the valvecover is roughly 5.5" square, 6" at most, might fit between the frame rails, (instant extra couple inches) it will on a banshee. The motor has a head stay (brace running from the head to the frame) that you will want to connect somewhere, easy enough to accomplish with some flatbar. BTW, the torque is incredible, nothing like it, about 15 more horses than a raptor too (uncorked is the only way to go, costs about 60 bucks, this is the way the bike comes stock everywhere but north america) it takes alot of green to get an extra 15 horses outta a raptor, and this is dead stock comparison, even stock exhaust except for tip. the torque will help you launch a quad, it wont care about the extra weight. A stock uncorked 650r bike gets 48hp to the ground, quad would be slightly less but consider this, a raptor only makes 39 at the flywheel :). If you need some pics, PM me, i can probably get some on sunday. JR

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