Shoulder protection after reconstruction

I had my separated shoulder fixed last week and just wondering what you guys that have had shoulder recons use to protect your shoulder with once you started riding again?

I could never stand anything on my arms or shoulders whilst riding but I guess Ill have to change that now. Do you all wear pressure suits or some kind of shoulder brace? Is there a recommended thing?


I had my shoulder dislocated about a yr ago. I didnt go through a dr since I was hiding it from my wife! Should have used a sling though.

My shoulder is healed now, so I can raise my arm straight, like a divers position. Before I couldnt do that.

I used to use a EVS shoulder brace. It helped give my shoulder support, especially when it was still healing. I would recommend that. You can also search in youtube on taping your shoulder. Which I think provides similar stability or maybe better since you can customize your brace. But such a hassle to take it off:)

Hope this helps!

Thanks CamlobPaul. Good to hear you mended well. Im more after something to protect my investment rather than for stability as it should have full strength again after recovery. Just wondering if people wear something to protect the site from impacts. I heard of one bloke that cracked his clavical at the weak point where the screws are from falling off a bike onto it so i'm paranoid now.

I had rotator cuff surgery a year ago. When I was able to start riding again I put on a set of Flexx Bars. Great investment. Never had any problems with sore shoulder or wrists after putting the Flexx Bars on.

Estube, I got so paranoid I went on a buying spree for shoulder pads! I got first the fox titan which I found too hot. Then I got a dainese one which is used for road but it had shoulder caps and elbow pads. I used that with a leatt chest pro.

Now I use a troy lee chest pro with shoulder pads. I think its the 5955 model.

I spoke to my dr and he said you usually dont dislocate a shoulder from falling on it. But you dislocate it when you stretch out your arm, lets say after an endo, which will dislocate it.

But at any case, I still wear my troy lee:)

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