air/fuel screw keep falling out

so after i reshimmed my bike and had it sounding all good my air/fuel screw in my carb fell out and i didnt know if it was just a worn out spring or what so i replaced it and the screw and it happened again i also tried it again with a different type of air/fuel screw and the spring that came with it and it happened a 3rd time anybody got an idea why it keeps happening.....from what i can tell it isnt virbrating like crazy or anything but ive never ridden a newer 4 stroke just older 2 stroke...

You should have a fuel screw, a spring sitting on that, then a washer on the spring, then a small O-ring. See if the O-ring is missing or split.

I like to stretch the spring to give it more pressure on the fuel screw. When you tighten it back in turn it until its just tight then turn it out 1 1/4 turns to start. Should be pretty close.

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