Bridgestone tyres

Hello guys.

My thumper need new tyres, and I can get a pair of Bridgestone M59/M70 cheap through my employer. Have anyone used them? I mostly ride on sand/gravel. Any info would be nice. Thank you.

PS. Anyone heard any rumors about the 2003 YZF? You know, 450 ccm, magic e-button, aluminum frame etc.???

Ride and be happy.

bridgestone m26 is the best rear sand tire I've ever used but I don't know about gravel, might round it off.

I use them and they are very good all around tires. The rear will chunk in rocks, not sure about gravel.

Unfortunatly, I have to agree with old man Frank... The M26 is the most awesome sand tire, short of a paddle. For the front, the Mich. S-12 is the bomb.

thanks for the info guys. Jamracer, what kind of reartire do you use. Are the Michelins better than the Bridgestones. You see I also get the Michelins cheap. I won't be getting any new tyres this year, because it has started snowing so I'll have to get out the good old Trelleborgs with spikes. (hurts like he** when you get run over).

Any info on a good Michelin combination for gravel/hard sand would make me happy. Thanks again guys.

michelin s-12 is a good sand tire though not the best. The new michelin starcross seems to have some problems with knobs chunking off on big bore bikes. s-12 front is one of the best for soft terrain.

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