Port and polishing a 1985 KLR600

Does anyone no of people Port and polishing a KLR600, if so how well did it work?

Being as old as it is most people don't want to dump the money into them. But if you do Bigborethumpers.com can help. We can port that head for you no problem.

I'm going to be honest with you ....I'm not 100% sure you would even feel the difference ..these engines have been so carefully designed that you would better off going with a really good performance exhaust system air cleaner combo but as far as porting . I'm not to sure ? Yes a factory race bike set up on a chassis dyno .. you might get some torque curve changes but a lap-top and some tuning and fuel adjustments will net you more performance ..than letting some local idiot with a die grinder Hog out your intake and heads then telling you you're ready to take on F1 championship... DON'T BY IT... He's dreaming and hasn't been on the planet long enough to jerk himself off yet...DON'T LET ANY IDIOT WANNABE MESS WITH YOUR BIKE.. Save your cash and if you live long enough step up to an older STOCK GSXR 1000 then have some real fun...

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