carbon fiber skid plate ????

This is a part two to my skid plate question from earlier in the week. I found a skid plate that I like as far as looks and coverage of the bike. It is made by E-Line. Now what I'm trying to find out is anyone using one of these carbon fiber style plates or know anyone that is? How do they hold up. Looking at the Utahsport Alum. skid plate that is on my Husky, I can see were it has taken some good hits and is still in good shape. Will the carbon fiber plate stand up as well? :)

I purchased the ELine CF skid plate about a week ago. I did a lot of research before I chose it. It fits like a glove on my 520/EXC, did'nt have to enlarge any holes or modify it at all. It seems very thick and durable. You won't be sorry if you get that one.


I have the e-line on my 426 for about a year now.

It's held up just fine, It's thick and it takes abuse real well.

Another vote for the E-Line skid plate. It seems I case as many jumps as I make, and this thing has held up great!

E-LINE all the way! my 98 has had one since 98, my 2000 has had one for a year, (it was the first thing I put on. The 98 took serious abuse, without fail! cased jumps.. high speed log crossing, rock hopping, SERIOUS ABUSE!! only minor scraching. I did need to elongate two holes for perfect fit. And it does fit perfect! worth every penny

Thanks for the responses. I just ordered one at lunch hopefully it will be here before the weekend. I have a race Sunday and I would like not having to worry about hurting the frame. :)

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