YZ 450 2014

I hope it's a fuel injected 2 stroke 400!!

What's wrong with the 2012/13 design?

Having done my research, I'm ready to plunk my hard earned cash down for one.

I've been around the block and from what i can see, the YZ450F is the best bike money can buy across the board(Honda, Kawi, Suzuki, Yam).

At our level they're all good but it's the last one I would buy again. I had an 11 and hated it I think the 09 is way better except for the fi on the 11. If they do change the 2014 you won't be able to give the 10-13's away so that's reason enough for me.

I love my 11,negativity on this bike is crap,stewart proved he can crash on a suzuki just as well as on a Yamaha

Looks like they kept engine design. Someone should have a mouthful of crow about now huh?

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