Launch Control

I recently saw these new (to me anyhow) launch control devices. Essentially they hold the front forks down so the front doesn't come up when launching.

Some of the riding i do is in steep steep sand hills, and the biggest problem i have is keeping the front down. I was wondering if these devices could be used to hold the front down until I manually release them?

I'd like something where i compress the front suspension and doesn't come back up until i allow it, but is able to compress further so the suspension isn't ridgid. Basically something to limit the fork extension. Does anything like this exist or is this possible with these current launch control devices?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the second the forks compress further than the launch control it disengages. I've never seen one in person, so I'm just going by stuff I've seen on TV.

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Essentially they need to be locked by a second person while the rider compresses the suspension. Yes once they compress further they release. Such as heavy breaking for the first turn or the face of the first jump.

No they won't work on the trail. Maybe they could, but not realistically. Your problem is your riding position. You need to get further forward, on the pegs and probably go faster. Carry more momentum at the base of the hill and you'll get up. I did the Soboba Invitational Trail ride for the first time last weekend and watched countless riders think they could sit on the seat and slowly climb the deep sand hills in first gear and legs flailing. It doesn't work that way, you'll need more momentum, higher gears and stay up on the pegs. Of course downshift as you lose speed in the climb but with more energy at the base you'll get further up before you need to worry about it.

Not saying this is you or your riding style, just saying.

Good luck with the hillclimbing.

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