CRF450's at the track

After going to the track today to test out the knee, I watched the new Hondogs do some laps.

We can all talk trash about any bike or brand but....The bottom line is this....the fast guys are still fast and the slow guys are still slow!!


Good call yzernie, I watched a 450 out at the track today also, it certainly commands a lot of attention since it's the new big thing and all...

It makes me laugh about all of the debate about the 426/450. They're all good, I bet many will switch to the 450 because it's new and it's cool, and when Yamaha comes out with a counter attack 426 model the wave will come back and so on ...

I also get a kick out of the debate about the brutal MXA test of the 450 on the honda discussion board, check it out ...

It's no secret that MXA has been bashing the Hondogs for the last couple of years. Honda must not be paying for lunch during the test sessions!!


I parked next to a guy at Elsinore that had a brand new 450. And he let me ride it. First thing I noticed, it feels like a two stroke right out of the gate. Steers like a scalpal. Steered much better than my 426. Power was linear like an electric motor almost. Tons of power. Flat, but tons. Anybody that slams that bike is A: getting paid to or B: is the pickyest little baby in the world.

Love my YZ though, Id have to run into a ton of money, to go out and buy the honda. At least for the forseeable future

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