New WR400F owner with a few simple questions

I would suggest checking your timing.

If it is not set correctly you will have all sorts of issues. You could even hit the piston with a valve.

cheers thommo_400f,

i will check it tomorrow, i have been having trouble starting it (hence the ultrasonic cleaning of the carb). when i hold in the decomp lever in, the piston seams to run through its cycle smoothy, with no knocks or taping sounds, and once it is running it goes like stink :)

i did say it was a very unloved basket case when i bought it, but I'm on a budget (i didnt want to sell my sports bike to buy an enduro )

thanks barra8,

i bought the manual for this bike, and i mean no disrespect, but i get the impression that these bikes have there own personality, and the best advice on them comes from people who own them,

Thanks for all the advise on starting tips. The first time we took it out it took about 100 kicks or 30 minutes to get going. We sprayed easy start in the air box and the air filter set on fire!

The second day we took it out we managed to kick start it first attempt.

Quick snap from the Yorkshire Dales England over easter.


Thought i might as well pop some photos that i had on another forum.

I decided to buy a WR400 so my brother could join me on my little off road excursions. The bike passed a daylight MOT on Friday just in time for the Easter break.

We decided to drive up in a Van to Skipton and pop a full tank of fuel in the bikes and explore.

We found that many small roads were blocked with 5-6 foot of snow so had to turn round and find an alternative route. We did manage to attempt some routes that were blocked by 2 feet of snow but the bikes bottomed out and lost traction on some occasions.

As this was the first ride of the WR400 we decided to test in in a field and realized it had loads of power but was a bit heavy at the back end for soft snow.

It has massive amounts of power that just eats up the ground under it.


As it was my brothers first ride on a proper off road bike sometimes the riding did not go to plan.


We also found some piles of snow 8-9 foot high


We even found roads that Land Rover drivers decided were too extreme


Land Rover driver trying an 18 point turn


The snow was as high as the walls at some points and sheep could walk from field to field using the snow drifts.


We also found a woman at the bottom of a hill, she had to be pulled out by the Land Rover and i believe she may have burnt her clutch out.


That is a road to the left


We also found some areas not covered in snow


Just another road blocked


Thats the view from on top of the road block


250 on the left and 400 on the right


This gives you a better idea of some of the snow we came up against.


Then we found some snow drifts that we attempted to get over


As you can see the snow was often a little too soft for the weight of the bike.


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And very steep at some points



awsome pics bud, and thats hard for me to say (i'm from Lancashire!!!)

A quick snap after having too much fun


Many Thanks Ian.

Is this at Tong?

Is this at Tong?

Yes it is

saw the Fast Eddy extreme enduro there back in January.

Superb venue

Have you jumped that ditch that Knighter and the other fast boys were jumping?

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saw the Fast Eddy extreme enduro there back in January.

Superb venue

Have you jumped that ditch that Knighter and the other fast boys were jumping?

No chance,

This is more like my pace

Few snaps 1 week later and nearly all the snow has gone









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