2011 airbox removal

I am about to replace the complete airbox on my 2011 and would like to know how to reach the bottom clamp of the intake boot.

Do I have to remove the radiators?

I easily figured the upper portion (1 bolt by the steering stem and two at the lower side on the frame)

I have a brand new assembled airbox

Any tip?

As much as I love this bike (coming from a 2010 250 YZ), and being a Yamaha guy, I have to say that the design of this airbox is a total nonsense.

So many pieces and tiny areas, grooves where dirt can build up over time does not make any sense

This bike had one owner before and he did maintain it correctly but I am super picky when it's about intake cleanliness on a thumper

I used an allen bit in a quarter inch bit driver with long extension. Left rads on

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