Gearing for an '04 YZ450

I just bought an "04 YZ450F and i LOVE it, but there is a slight problem. I do a lot of trail riding with it and witht the 4 speed tranny first is too tall. If anyone has any suggestions for good gearing for this situation i would appreciate it.

Try putting a 13 tooth front sprocket on there, if that doesn't help, try putting a 12 or possibly getting a 50 tooth rear.

(ditto the 50t, depending on how fast the trails are you're riding). Got a flywheel yet?

I would go for the 50 tooth before the 12...the 12 front will put more wear and tear on your chain than a 13 or 14 with a larger rear.

I would also agree with Jeffro!50 tooth is what i run for my 450f,Makes a serious difference from a 48.Also since you ride trails mostly..Get a fly wheel weight.There are many sizes and manufacturers but i recommend a DR.D flywheel weight.They come in 100g/4oz-150g/6oz-203g/8oz-basically i run a 100G-4 oz and i run mostly motoX i wanted less stalling but not too much Inertia from a heavier weight.I suggest you go to a 6oz if you weigh 225bs or less<"just a suggestion" or maybee an 8 oz<"assuming your heavier than 225lbs..If your riding strictly trails only the flywheel weight will be Night and Day difference :)

As usual! :D Everythings open for debate and opinions so my advice is just that advice!

50 is the ticket! woods,'s all good! :)

If you're interested in the 50t sprocket, I've got a brand new Talon Groovelite I'll sell you for $40 (shipping included). I bought it as a chain/sprocket kit but decided I liked a 49t better, so the 50t has never been on a bike.

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