Belt striping noise on Yamaha bravo long track

I put a custom Polaris trail Indy skid under my 1982 Yamaha bravo 250! That's going from a 93" track to a 121" track, my problem is when I gun it it makes skipping noises from the belt like its slipping (almost like the track is slipping but it's not) I have a parts unlimited $25 belt on it......... could that be my problem? Here is some pictures it's the black one :)ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1362706785.832494.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1362706831.981395.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1362706877.667542.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1362706949.763761.jpg

is it like a "clunk" kind of slip or is it more of a lack of power slip? And if the belt is slipping you can usually smell it, do you?

It feels just like the track is slipping on the sprocket but its not the track it's the belt. It's not slipping like I'm loosing power constant slip its more of a stripping slip. It only does it wen I try to gun it up a hill or spin the track (only under heavy load) it's kinda like a banging noise that comes from the belt and the belt is jumping all over (I have watched it) the belt was new last year! It sounds just like when your track is too lose and you try to gun it up a hill or accelerate fast.

Happend to me, kind of vibrates the sled and makes a grinding noise right? Just try tighting the track. And if your belt starts burning loosen it(:

Or your belt deflection if its jumping around.

It kinda wiggles the sled and makes a clunking noise like ck ck ck ck! Slurs aren't vary good sounds but..... The track is for sure tight!

Ok today I dug threw some belts and found two! An old stock pretty worn belt and a almost new extreme belt, I tried the almost new extreme belt and it was slow with lots of rpm (like 25mph top speed with motor screaming) the stock worn Yamaha belt was like it was geared high like bogging and slow. The belt I had on it (parts unlimited cheepy) was good speed just right rpm but it skips and vibrates. The extreme belt was not skipping, the old stock Yamaha belt was vibrating but no load clunking like my cheap parts unlimited belt!! Maybe I should just get a new stock Yamaha belt!

I would pull the primary & secondary clutches off & inspect them. You may have some worn parts that wouldnt show up under the stress of the stock track but with the added weight rear their ugly heads. After a full inspect & clean I would re-install them & use a sharpie pen to draw a few lines inside the sheaves & check the deflection from the wear point (sharpie marks) as they clear. Easy way to check deflection.

I have almost new clutches in it! It's for sure the belt! Put my crappy skipping belt in my brothers 86 (the red one) and it also makes that skipping noise so I need a new belt! I need to know what is a good brand of belt to get for a bravo!

I put my daco max belt on seems to work good

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