Question about racing.

I would love to get into racing, like some piont to piont (are they called hairscrambles?) kind of stuff. Does anyone know what I need to do. I know I need to get a license. but where do I start? I asked one of the girls at the shop...she didn't have a clue. I was pressed for time so I couldn't ask anyone else. I live in southern AZ

Unless you want to compete in AMA events, or for another race sanctioning body, you don't need a license. Requirements vary, but most of the time it is run whatcha brung. Hare scrambles are usually loops of varying lengths, around here they like to run 6 mile loops, so that everyone is close enough to be rescued off the murderous rocks everywhere. The Desert 100 is run as a GIANT loop I think, up here in washington, though not too sure... It runs out near Vantage WA, for those of you in the area. Ask around to find a club in your area, or pick up all the free local mags at your shop. We have one local promoter that runs most of the races around here, so if you can hook up with a club you can usually get all the info. Ask at any of the more organized MX tracks, and they could probably help.


Go for it man. I was away from bikes for twenty plus years. I bought a WR rode a couple of times and once in the woods and raced a GNCC. WOW, what an experience. I had some good coaching from GNCCYZ (Jeff) and I should have kick his butt for letting me/suggesting I race.

I'm not sure of the sanctioning bodies out there. But I had to buy an AMA membership a SETRA membership and entry fees. It was about $70. It rained the day before and all during the race and was about 100% humidity. After the first turn everyone was throwing their goggles into the woods. I rode for a hour an pulled off. I was toast, but did get a score and it wasn't last.

First things first. You have to be in some sort of cardio vascular shape. If not pace yourself and don't ride WFO. A hare scramble is a long race. Buy some hand guards and a camelback. You must keep hydrated. Drink at least .6 ozs of water for every pound of bodyweight you have. Do this for at least three days prior to the event. On race day drink as much as you can stand. You can also buy a product called Revenge, it's made by Champion Nutrition and is sold in most GNC stores. It's an endurance ahtletes supplementle drink. Most of the big dogs use it.

Get a good night sleep, yea right! and get there early, sign in and roost. Look at as a learning experience and have fun. After that you'll have a good idea of what to expect.

Oh, don't know what your age is but I'm Vet age and raced the four stroke C class. The vet classes are full of old guys who have raced for years. They were faster than the younger guys. So I raced with the kids.

Need anymore info ask!



86TT225, 98CR80, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank and IMS seat. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA.

Hey Bill:

I noticed you are in SETRA, so am I. Are you going to the SwampFox enduro?? or do you ride Harescrambles only??? I run the VET C class.


Kermit, Bill has some great advice, The Ama along with District 36 nor cal. District 37 put on sanctioned hare scrambles all year. The races are actually run by motorcycle clubs so if there are any club members in your area that you might run into on the trail (they usually wear matching jerseys) don't be hesitant to go up and ask them about races in your area. I race the vet b class in dist. 36. Start in your age group, if possible take it easy the first couple of laps and try to finish your last lap as fast if not faster than your first lap. Easy to say hard to do... and above all have fun. Your first race will be the most expensive because you will have to by sanctioning body cards good for one year after that your set. Sometimes they even offer one day cards worth checking into. Your riding will improve quickly along with your cardio if you stick with it mainly because you will most likely have to ride down technical sections that you would normally go around. And last but not least watch out for the dreaded bottleneck especially in the Zoo class. They usually happen not to far from the start in the first technical section one or two guys will go down and back up traffic if you can get around it yopu can pass alot of riders in a hurry. Above all finish the race no matter how tough it gets stick with it and you will improve, mind over matter you can do it!!

Good Luck, huge

Bill, I am in pretty good shape (I like to do 24 hour mountain bike races, if that tells you anything) I was going to race mountain bikes this year ,but, I bought the WR instead. I like to twist the throttle much better. I have been racing mountain bikes and BMX bikes since I was 12. I am now 28 going on 29 in the spring. I have a camelback from my cycling stuff and tons of other gear. I wasn't going to race for a while, but , I rode with this guy on thanksgiving and he asked me if I raced. I said no. He said I should, and that he raced and I am kicking his ass on the trail. Kind of got me thinking... :) I have always dreamed of racing is my chance. Thanks for the info.

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Kermit, I came from a mountain bike racing background also, but much like you, I decided I liked twisting the throttle better. My first hair scramble was tougher than almost all of my previous pedal races. I couldn't believe how much cardio was required!! I made the mistake of signing on for the three hour class (I finished 7th out of 10), I'll stick to two hours now!! I'm 27 years old, and I've gotta say getting smoked by 50 year olds and 13 year olds is a little unnerving! I guess I need more practice.

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All of the above advise is true. But the bottom line is that you are doing this to have fun. I look at Harescrambles as a three hour trail ride with 100 of my best riding buddies. It costs the same to ride for two hours as it does three so I ride three. This philosophy has worked great for me I finished 2nd overall in the four stroke class and I won the open class in Enduro this year. Have Fun!

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