Cycleranch was PRIMO today...

Man it was killer out there today, best I have ever seen it...I felt better today, the arm pump is getting less and less with every weekend I ride, I had my suspension mostly dialed in.

And the BIGGEST improvement was in my front brakes after adding a braided line and some DP Pro-MX pads up front....I mean about stopping faster and easier than anything the stockers could do! I had to loosen the lever play a bit even so it would not stand on the front end when I grabed the front brakes. Thanks to the people that convinced me this was the thing to do.

And my suspension will get totally tweaked next weekend after adding some Race Tech Gold valves to each end, thanks to Don Lackey getting me the hookup!

Now, when I go ahead and do the uphill triple and jump all five of the new whoops, I will feel better, Brandon Bebop (spelling?) made me feel a bit slower after seeing him fly the whoop section in 2 was a beautiful sight to see...

...that kid is fast....!

Your making me sick man! I could be riding right now...but the "good ole" collar bone aint a healed up yet (almost though, another 2wks)! LOL I should be out at the track early December and I cant wait to test out my new suspension (I bet it will be awesome)! That Splendora track is killer and that triple is huge! When I added my stainless front brake line it worked great too! How do you like your Race Tech gold valves? Later,


I won't have the Gold Valves installed till next weekend, I tweaked the stock suspension as far as it would go....I am just getting back to MX after a 4 year layoff, and having a blast...

Seen some of your posts, what is your age, what class do you ride, and what suspension mods are you seem *fast* and *young* :-)

Ahh, the good old days! I am 31 now....weee!

Splendora huh...what type of dirt does that track have? Compared to Cycleranch....


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