2010 and newer yz450f handling, is it really that bad?

I have read a ton about the yz450f and everyone seems to bring up the fact it is unstable, dosent corner well and the "centralized mass" design allows it to easily be thrown off course when compared to other 450's

I am a B level rider, I have ridden many bikes but not any time on the new 450's. I really like the yamaha as it has the most reliable engine and I don't have the budget to rebuild an entire engine or valves often. I had my heart set on one but the handling scares me, l know the shocks are the best out of the box but all my reading is making me want a kawi or honda but the reliability of those i dont trust as much. The honda dose seem to have close to same reliability as the yamaha, but the kawi and suzuki seem to be one or two year bikes them people sell them.

So how dose it stack up when your not a pro and end up trail riding it half the time?

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you might want to ask this question to in the proper channel. pretty sure there are make and model specific forums here....or try using the search function on this forum, im sure thats waht they will tell you in the yz450 forum as well, since im sure this topic and the solutions have been discussed in FULL detail.

The issue is there, it is easily overcome with riding style, and even an engine relocation kit is available, to move the weight bias forward.

Very successful Enduro and Offroad riders use that bike.

In my opinion, the new KTM's handle MUCH WORSE then the '10-13 YZs by a large margin.

my friend got the 2010 right after it came out and still loves the bike. He races intermediate off road and had been trying to go pro for a while before life caught up to him. He's let me ride it a few times and i didn't have any issues with the handling. Then again i only rode a few laps. We're bigger guys, we're both at least 6'3" and 185.

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If reliability, cost and handling are important, get a YZ250. I am a vet rider and not horribly abusive of my bikes. I take pretty good care of them. The YZ450 does not handle as well as the YZ250 and when it breaks (mine has) the parts are $$$.

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I have the 2012 yz450. after installing the proper springs for my weight (6'2 & 300lbs) I love my bike! no engine relocating kites no funky lowering links it works really well the way they designed it.The bike really reacts to suspension changes and rider input. I really noticed how calm it is in rough conditions the bike stays level and doesn't kick or buck like I see on some other brands.I know a few guys around here that bought kx 450's the same time I bought mine,their bikes are in the shop getting new cranks,one guy I work with bought two new kx's 250&450 and had nothing but problems with tp sensors the 450 burnt down with in a month. My bike on the other hand still looks good and runs good.In fact I won the over 30 B class today on a rough knurly track that ever body was cying about being to rough. I thought it was pretty good. I've only got to ride it on a few trail rides but it did good. fuel mileage sucks though got 30 miles and had about a quart left Well thats been my experince with the new yamaha for the past year.

P.S. buy the tuner if you get the bike it's worth it's weight in gold.

In a word no, the handling is not bad but it may be different than what you will be immediately use to. In my opinion, the front end did fell lighter than anything that I have ridden in the past and the best way I can describe it would be that it feels like the balance point is in the middle of the bike. I have ridden bikes that like to be steered with the front wheel and some that were more of a rear wheel (the more power applied, the better it handled) and this bike is neither.

If you don't like the way the stock 2010-13 YZ 450 handles, the installation of an engine relocate kit gives the bike a "heavier" front end which translates to more front end grip and a more traditional feeling bike handling wise.

coming off a yz 250 2t i love how the yzf ('12) handles i cant see what people complain about id give the bike 10/10.

i came from a yz250 2t with damn near factory suspension. I thought it handled very well, i race off road desert races. then I bought a new yz450, and no joke, it handles better than any bike i have ever ridden, stock! I also rode a 2013 ktm450sxf 2013 crf450, and a 2012 kx450f. the yamaha, for me, handles a ton better. plus, the air forks are unreliable, two of my friends had them fail within 6 or 7 hours, one during a race. if i get a 2014 yz450, and they have airforks, im gonna take the forks and swap them from my current bike.

Coming from an older CR250, I can tell you that the YZ450F feels like a absolute dream bike.

TBH. I think much of the criticism given to the YZ450's is based on track performance. However, I was not able to see any of this myself based on my own level of riding. From where I stood, the 450F handles like nothing I've ever driven. If you ask me, I really don't think the average rider will ever feel or experience what some reviewers are claiming because they just don't ride bikes in those particular conditions. Which I find sort of ironic as testers seems intent on riding stock bikes in racing conditions(???). Whatever the case, I'm thinking the issue is largely compounded by what I like to call: runway hype.

That being said, no matter what bike I buy, I always follow-up with some mods to make it my own and so I really don't see the problem with such things as stock opinions. In fact, I personally believe those are quite possibly the most misleading type of reviews we can get given the nature of the product.

My two cents.

PS. I weigh 190lbs and like riding forward on my seat.

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