crf 80 stalls when choke closed


I have cleaned the carb,pilot jet,main jet and still when I close the choke the bike dies. What in the world could it be? I have tried to idle it up and then close the choke and still dies.

things that make you go hmmmm!



You can't clean a pilot jet. Replace it.

You probably have the passage above the pilot jet still clogged.

Use monofiliment wire.

Money on the Pilot jet like the above post. Any decent shop should have a new one, if not a soak in berrymans chemtool, and a wire from a brass wire brush should fix it up.

Gun clearer works pretty well too.

it is normal for a bike to not run with full choke. if it stalls when you take choke off, then you are too lean.

if your still having trouble after cleaning/replacing the pilot jet then you might want to check for air leaks around the intake manifold.Those o rings are prone to leaking. Also make sure you have decent flow from the fuel valve and that its making it to the float bowl.

Are you talking about on start up or after it's already warmed up?

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