Does anyone know if a 2011 WR450 gas tank will fit a 2007 YZ 450?

I'm looking to increase the fuel supply for my 2007 YZ 450. I've looked at the Clarke tank but feel better about the IMS. Both are pricey. I would like to use a WR petcock for the reserve option. I believe the 2007-2011 WR petcock fits the YZ. I'm really hoping the WR tank will. If anyone has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

As long as it is the carby bike and not the newer design WR, it will work, however the radiator shrouds are needed as well.

I see. The Wr capacity is only a little bigger so I may just go for the IMS. All of the aftermarket tanks seem to have mixed reviews. I certainly would like the reserve factor with the WR petcock. I guess I'll find out soon enough. Thanks

I have the Clarke 3.6 on my '07 WR and I like it alot. If you are going to use the WR petcock with the Clarke or IMS tank I would suggest using a WR petcock from a steel framed bike '06 or older. The reason for this is that these tanks move the petcock forward of the stock one and then you will either have to use a really long fuel line to loop around, or turn it backwards because the fuel line connects to the left side. The '06 and older WR petcock attaches the fuel line on the right side so you can keep the hose shorter like stock. This is a nice factory mod that doesn't cost too much and in your case you were going to buy it anyways, might as well get the right one !!.

Here is a pic to show what I mean.

Clark tank with '06 petcock:


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I have the IMS on my bike and I'm not super thrilled with the fit, but it gets the job done. I'm using an 03-05 WR450 petcock as well.

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