What's your vote please?

Hi, all... So once again I find myself without a bike and it is really frustrating.. So I have been a busy boy and searched all the classifieds I can throught the UK and upon finding a few bikes and having a good think, I have become stuck with what to choose, so i'm asking for your experiences/votes..

Here is the small list of possibilities I have to my budget.

2008 CCM R35 (404) ds for around £3300 - This looks quite cool and runs a strong but slightly tweaked DRZ motor and has good WP suspension etc

2007 (05 model) cb900f hornet for £3450.. now i know it's not a sumo but like many more bikes within budget, it is a good fun all rounder, but this style of bike is only an idea in case a supermoto is out of the question..[

2007 KTM 690sm lc4 for £4000. Now this is right on the edge of my current budget and its the furthest one away from me but it is a powerful and smooth everyday useable KTM, although not the best looking...

Other than these three at the moment which would be on hp(finance) my only other option is to take out a personal loan which opens up the option to buy private also but Obviously I will not get any warranties etc..[

My final option is to try and hold out until next year and save what I can to give myself a bigger budget, which will then beg the question, husqvarna nuda or ktm 690 smc-r..

What do you guys think?

ccm r35.JPG



I would say it depends on intended use. If mosly urban travel, the KTM (I am a long time KTM fan). If you are going to get out on the road, travel a bit, get the Hornet. That bike is hot!

I would say it depends on intended use. If mosly urban travel, the KTM (I am a long time KTM fan). If you are going to get out on the road, travel a bit, get the Hornet. That bike is hot!

I agree!

ok.. I will be commuting daily (about 20-25mile round trip) through village roads and a 2mile high speed section. I will also want it to be my bit of fun at the weekends (I always try avoiding the freeway/motorway stuff) and once a year I do a 3day weekend trip where 70mph roads are unavoidable for 200 of the 300mile trip each way but the roads we ride for the three days are all country lanes.. Very very rarely we do some light offroad/back lane stuff if we do have the right bike ;)

a spanner in the works as far as choice goes is an available BMW G650 Xmoto for £3000.

DRZ's are readily available here in the UK but the insurance is the most expensive of all these bikes and from what I can make out they are very underpowered, especially when considering my last 2 bikes were a yz426 tard and a triumph 955i, and lets face it, they dont look as nice as the r35 :thumbsup:

I am being very awkward but I know that once I make a decision a get a bike I am stuck with it for a minimum 3yrs so I really need to get this right lol :goofy:

I'm kinda biased saying the 690 (cause I want one)!! I'd say with a 300 mile trip one of your outing that CB is going to serve you the best. I just think that the seats on SM's are going to kill you in the long run....although the daily riding on the 690 would be MUCH, MUCH, more fun. Write down the [real] positives and negatives of each bike, such as "The saddle time will kill my butt" or cost of needed to buy accessories for each. Compare those lists and you'll see the bike that you should buy.

Good luck

Ok.. I have now come across a wr400 tard for less than 2k and I'm interested.... After regretting the sale of my 426 tard I have been wanting another, and this is as close as it gets. I can deal with vibes etc etc but my only worry is the tiny 8ltr tank. Is there a flask sized fuel can that can be carried extra as a safe net. something that would strap to the bike like a tool kit does. Also, has anyone had experiences with both the 400 and 426 that can confirm i'm making a good move?

thanks again

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