2012 YZ450F TDC

I need verification that I have my bike at correct position in order to check my valve clearances. Everything I read and seen shows the cam lobes to be pointed away from each other. I am thinking that since the exhaust and intake cams are reversed on these newer yz f's that the lobes should be pointing toward each other. Is that correct? I have rotated the engine counter clockwise many times and lined up my cams for TDC , and my timing mark, according to the manual and each time I make the correct alignment the lobes are pointing toward each other. Pic below:


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So, ya I think I have it right.... 35 hours on the bike and the valves are still @ spec clearances btw. That is if I have the cam lobes right :excuseme:

I knew this would happen eventually. :smirk:

With the old engine (Gen 1 & 2), the exhaust cam was in front, and at TDC on the compression stroke, it points forward and up. The opposite is true of the intake; it was in back, and points rearward and up at TDC on compression. Away from each other.

Now, have the cams switch places. See?

Ya I worked on a lot of older models but not on any of these newer ones! Just wanted Clarification! Thanks

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