Clutch fatigue

The clutch is beating me up on my new YZ 450 '06'. Have been riding a '09'WR 450 till now, it has a much more manageable clutch. One finger control and nice and close to the bar for my short stubby fingers. Was a pleasure to use, Heaps less fatigue.

Wondering if I could buy a new WR clutch assembly , to put on the YZ , to get the lever closer to the bar , softer and more user friendly. If not, what are my options?


I just put a Z-start Pro on my 2011 450 and the clutch requires little to zero effort if you want to use it.

Just put a hydralic kit on it. Less then $300, no more problems.

Is the Z-Start Pro a hydraulic set up bro? Whad you spend?

Cheers boys

the Z-start is an auto-clutch but can you can use the clutch lever and override at any time. It was $600 but the clutch lever is so easy to pull you wouldn't believe it is connected. It is not hydraulic. Check it out at

Will do man!

Happy shredding :-)

Yo what is the reason you went w Zstart?

I noticed there are a few different packages on the site. Some that are half that price.

Can't I achieve the same results with EXP?

The EXP will be a functional auto clutch, but you were interested in reducing clutch lever effort, which the EXP does not do. Of course, with an auto clutch properly set up, there isn't much reason to fiddle with the lever anyway.

But here's a cheaper alternative:

  • Replace the steel plates in your clutch with those from an '07-'09, and stack it up with 8 frictions instead of 9
  • Replace the pressure plate and springs with those from an '07-'09
  • Replace the actuator arm with one from an '07-'09

You'll have a little less lever effort, and still have enough clutch to hold the extra power that the YZ has over the WR.

Thanks man. I'll look into that.

Been reading a lot about these Rekluse set ups. Prob too much.

They sound like they have a lot to offer in the style of riding that i Mostly stick to. In fact I'm struggling to see a negative.

I'm thinking that's prob the way to go. Do you have anything negative to say about your experience, or anything you would do different next time?

I miss being able to bump start by rolling off a hill, or hauling it backwards to free up a jammed decomp pin, but otherwise, the positives are pretty impressive for a desert racer that gets routed through rocky canyons all the time. I don't use the EXP, though, mine's a Z-Start Pro.

The Z-start Pro has totally changed my life. It is amazing. i just wish i got it sooner. I went with the z-start because i hated how much force i had to use to clutch it and rekluse told me that the exp would have 20% more resistance on the lever. That really turned me off so i went with the z-start which is effortless to pull. After having the auto-clutch i will point out that i rarely use the clutch lever anymore so it may not have mattered.... BUT.. i still like the easy feel when i do use it.

+1. What mfoti said. It's cheating, in a good way.

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