Quick question on fuel screw (08 WR450)

I'm changing out my fuel screw. I removed the stock brass screw and all I see is the spring in there. It does not look like there is an O-ring in there. Is that right? All carbs I've worked on in the past also have an oring on the screw as well.

Hoping for a quick answer as I'm planning to go back together tonight.



Yes, there should be an o-ring in there. They sometimes get stuck in there. Are you sure there is nothing in there?

Check for a washer too. Typically there are all 3, spring, washer and o-ring (in that order).

Yep, just checked. You were right. There was washer and oring stuck in there. Stuck a paper clip down in there and fished them out. Thanks, wanted to make sure I had that right before putting it back together. Pulling the carb on this bike is not much fun!

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