oil problem

Ok,so we have a 08 yz450.My son rides it and last fall he had a "get off" and broke his arm.the bike has sat for aout 4 months.last week he got the ok to ride again so I start getting it ready,I start the bike to warm the oil to change after no more than 20 sec's he comes running out sayin he had draind the oil!!So we put the correct amount of oil in it and started it up with no problems.however after letting it run for a min or so and waiting another few mins to check it there was no oil on the dip stick!started it back up and loosend the "oil pres check bolt" and it is pumping out of there.I then drained the oil and got back 1.1 liters.Did the whole process again with the same results. No matter what I do I can not get oil on the dip stick! I did put a piston in it before the fall but in the 20 min's of riding before the fall everything was fine! I am stuck on this one,any ideas?

When you drained and got back the 1.1 liters, how much would you say you got from the drain on the left side under the flywheel cover?

Not as much as one would think. I did not measure each side inependently. I found one of your old threads, pulled the covers and went I spin the oil pump gear counter clockwise oil comes out of the port. Thanks for any help.

Also, when you say to put a piece of hose on the oil pump to spin it, are you talking about a piece of 3/4 tubing directly on the oil pump gear?

k in the meantime we took everything apart and found that the pump is indeed pumping both sides of the pump.There is a little play between the outer roter and the gearshaft,guessing the dowel pin and or the shaft have some wear.Still nothing on the dip stick!!! Pumped oil out of the port on the left side great! Blew all the lines out again still no matter what I do nothing on the stick! What next? lol

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