2012 wr 450 mileage

what kind of mileage are you guys getting,,this wr is for dual sport,, not a racer,,stock pipe with comp ecu ,,air box open

My 06 was getting 5-6L/100 km

When I had the stock tank on mine 53-56 miles the light would come on.

10 to 15 miles of slower trails dirt roads 30 50 mph and some pave road.

I dont think I would safely figure 40mpg before looking for a fuel stop.

My 06 was getting 5-6L/100 km

Roughly converted to 41-47 MPG

Surprisingly cheaper than my cbr600

FMF powercore4, uncorked air box, ecu, tuner.

14/42 gearing on 17's

street riding, pretty mixed, fairly agressive.

6.0-6.3 L/100km. So right around 40mpg

My fuel light comes on at about 80km/50miles if I remember correctly.

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